7 Websites to Get Latest News About Ruby

30 May 2014

Posted by Milos Dolobac

In this post I want to show you some ruby news websites. It includes some ruby newsletters, blog directories and link aggregation sites.

1. Ruby Weekly

Ruby Weekly is a email newsletter curated by Peter Cooper. If you subscribe you get into your emailbox every week collection of videos, tools and news from last week.

2. Ruby Daily

Ruby Daily is a daily newspaper website about Ruby by Nick Kugaevsky. It covers wide range of Ruby related subjects for example: Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, RVM, TDD and more.

3. Alltop

Ruby section of Alltop collects stories from Ruby related blogs. If you want to find out some good Ruby blogs here’s the place you can start.

4. Green Ruby

Another newsletter for Ruby. You can find out news from blogosphere, latest gem releases, podcasts, tools for easier development, screencasts and conference talks.

5. Rubyflow

Rubyflow is a link aggregation site for Ruby.

6. Ruby5

5 minutes series of podcasts about latest news in Ruby world.

7. Reddit

I guess I don’t have to introduce Reddit. Reddit is a website, where users can submit text posts or links to specialized subreddits and other users can vote up or down. You can also checkout rails section of Reddit.

Am I forgotten something? You can add your favorite news websites on Listly

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